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1.00Next DoD Advisory Panel on Special Needs 13 September in Arlington, VA
1.002 months or 60 days or 1,440 hours or 86,400 minutes or 5,184,000 seconds
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1.00365 Days/180 Degrees
0.63Military Calendar 04 April
0.63Military Calendar 05 May
0.63Military Calendar 06 June
0.63Military Calendar 07 July
0.63Military Calendar 08 August
0.63Military Calendar 09 September
0.63Military Calendar 10 October
0.63Military Calendar 11 November
0.63Military Calendar 12 December
0.63Military Calendar 01 January
0.63Military Calendar 02 February
0.63Military Calendar 03 March
0.63National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
0.38Meet our FRG Co-leader, Dee!
0.27SAHD Life: My First Daddy-Daughter Dance
0.25Rune of the Apprentice - A Novel Written by a Male Military Spouse
0.20My Military Life motivates and encourages spouses to follow their dreams
0.20Patrick Donaldson - Macho Spouse Career Advisement Board
0.20Inc 500/5000 Conference and Mentor Fair
0.19How Much to Spend on Christmas Gifts Awarded Site of Distinction Honor
0.16What Does 'No Money Down' Really Cost?
0.1630 Ways of Thanks Day #14
0.162013 MOAA Spouse Symposium Recap
0.16Jeremy Hilton, 2012 Male Military Spouse of the Year, Talks with Veterans United Network
0.16Why homecoming can be particularly hard for female veterans PBS News Hour Video
0.15Money and Finance Information and Resources
0.15Christopher Hillman - Secretary - Macho Spouse Career Advisement Board
0.15Drink, Drank, Drunk: Wading Though Military Life
0.14Advertise Here
0.13Collins Outdoors
0.13Collins Outdoors
0.13How a Marine Transitions to Stay At Home Dad (SAHD)
0.13Military Spouse Appreciation Month
0.136 Tips on How to be a Happy Military Husband
0.13Veterans Info Site a Resource for US Military Veterans
0.13Military and Veteran Discounts
0.10SAHD Life: Doing My Daughter's Hair for School
0.10Sesame Street and USO Tour - Japan and Korea
0.10Advertise With Us
0.10Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Military Pay Tables
0.09Glen C. Mixon - Macho Spouse Career Advisement Board
0.09Parents with Disabilities
0.09Top 5 Ways to Show Appreciation to Military Spouses
0.09How the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act helps military spouses
0.09Macho Productions Video Production and Web Design
0.09Meet the dads who are redefining the role of a military spouse Today Feature
0.09A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
0.09How To Enroll A Newborn Child In DEERS
0.09What is Military BAH?
0.08Macho Money Definitions - What Is An IRA?
0.08Carpe Diem!
0.08First National Guard Spouse to Win the 2013 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year Award
0.08Suzie Schwartz named VP of military spouse programs
0.08Macho Productions - Website Development, Maintenance and Support
0.08Now That I'm a SAHD (Stay-At-Home-Dad)... The Power of Being Present
0.0830 Ways of Thanks Day #18
0.07Military Spouse Employment Survey
0.07The Busy Life of an Army Family
0.07Are Military Families Victims of an Energy Scam?
0.06Military PCS Moving Tips
0.06What is a PCS?
0.062015 Male Military Spouse Appreciation Day Scholarship Entry
0.06Advetrise on this Website
0.05Movers - The Good, Bad, and Ugly
0.05Marine to SAHD: Milestones
0.05New Military Spouse Book Offers Insight From a Few of Us Male Spouses!
0.0530 Ways of Thanks Day #2: Donate Hotel Pints to Fisher House
0.05How I Had the Best Summer Ever...While My Wife was Deployed
0.05Military Spouse Connections Looking for Military Spouse Entrepreneur
0.05Circles Privacy
0.04OPSEC - What is it?
0.04Man-to-Man with William McEvoy Beating Depression
0.04Think the Fiscal Cliff is scary?
0.04Advice for the New 'Mr. Mom'
0.04SAHD Life: Doing My Daughter's Hair for School
0.04Entrepreneurship Fundamentals: Becoming the Entrepreneurial CEO
0.04A New Civilian Male Military Spouse Encounter with DEERS
0.04Be Careful What You Post
0.04Conversations from the Men's Room - What is the Rule of 72?
0.04MachoSpouse Beer Blogger - Aaron Brodniak
0.04The Do It Yourself DITY Move also known as the Personally Procured Move PPM
0.04Benefits Available to Civilian Male Military Spouses
0.03Man to Man: Bill Keller - Basic Male Military Spouse Advice
0.02FRG Key Spouse Question