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Meet the dads who are redefining the role of a military spouse Today Feature

By Stephanie Larratt and Adam Kaufman

Jeremy and Renae Hilton were both active duty military when their first child was born 17 years ago with special needs. One of them had to step back from their career to provide full-time care for their daughter, and Jeremy decided it would be him. He left the Navy while Renae continued her Air Force career, making him one of a small but growing number of male military spouses.

Capt. Naadira Brown and her husband, Reggie Brown, talk with TODAY's Craig Melvin. Adam Kaufman / TODAY


Homefront Dads redefine what it means to be a military spouse

Dads Got This

Jeremy Hilton: 

"I had a Navy mission. Now I have a family mission."


What is YOUR Family Mission?




We are not trying to pull civilian malemilitary spouses "off the mountain" or "into the light."

We are here, if you need us.

You are not alone.

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