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Military Calendar 12 December

A list of holidays, observances and events recognized throughout the month of December including federal, non-federal and religious holidays and more.

December Military Calendar of  Holidays, Events, Observances

Important Days in December for Military

December 1

Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary) Birthday 


Tuesday after Thanksgiving



December 7

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 


December 13

U.S. National Guard Birthday 


December 16

Hanukkah Begins 


December 25

Christmas Day 


December 26 – January 1



December 31

New Year's Eve 


Remember DECEMBER for the Deployed

Holiday seasons can be tough for military families, especially when the service member is deployed. Keep in mind that there are some military families in which both spouses are service members - and deployed during the holiday season. Take some time to remember the deployed and those left behind. You may be the wone who makes a positive impact in the lives of a military family.

If your spouse is deployed during this time, make sure that you take care of yourself. Male military spouses, like all military spouses, are impacted by a great deal of stressors not experienced in civilian life.Quite often, military spouses move along in life functioning unaware that the stress has them near the breaking point. Self care is vital for all military spouses. Civilian male military spouses are encouraged moreso because of the unique aspects of the role.

Remember DECEMBER for the Deployed and take care of yourself if your spouse is deployed.


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