Military Calendar 06 June

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Military Calendar 06 June

June Military Calendar of Holidays, Events, Observances

A list of holidays, observances and events recognized throughout the month of June including federal, non-federal and religious holidays and more.

June Military Calendar of  Holidays, Events, Observances

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June is PTSD Awareness Month

June 6

Women Veterans Day
June 12

Army Birthday
June 14

U.S. Flag Day
June 14

National Flag Week
The week that includes June 14th

Father's Day
Third Sunday in June

Veterans Golden Age Games
June 22 (begins), June 27 (ends), 2020

Coast Guard Auxiliary Birthday
June 23

PTSD Awareness Day
June 27

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PCS Season

June is in the height of the Military PCS Season. Summer is a major moving season because of children being put of school.

Are you looking for schools in your new area?

Are you looking for work in your new area?


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SAHD Life: Sad-At-Holidays-Dad - Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness

Holiday Depression"SAHD Life" is a blog segment by male military spouse and stay-at-home-dad, Taurus James - husband for 15 years, father for 7 years, SAHD for 2 years. In this post, Taurus takes a look back at his personal struggles with anxiety, depression and lonliness during the holidays and encourages others to seek help.

When I was a boy, I loved the holidays. I had great anticipation and excitement during Christmas. I loved being with family and friends during Thanksgiving. Food, football (Washington Redskins forever!) and fellowship are what I looked forward to the most.

But then something happened. I didn't know exactly when, but I was definitely a grown-up at the time when I started dreading the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas became the worst times of the year for me. The things I loved about these holidays and anticipated as a boy, I hated as a man and a father.

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