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1.00USMC Life is A Resource for Marine Spouses
1.00Marine to SAHD: Introduction
0.67CASY and MSCCN Career Corps Training Program
0.67US Military Ranks for Officers and Enlisted
0.67Marine Corps Considers Allowing Homesteading - Is the PCS Going Away?
0.58How a Marine Transitions to Stay At Home Dad (SAHD)
0.58Marine to SAHD: My 6 Rules for Twins
0.58Marine Veteran/Male Military Spouse - Scentsy? Yep!
0.58Marine to SAHD: Milestones
0.50The Jones Act and the U.S. Military
0.14Resources Available to Civilian Male Military Spouses
0.12How Much to Spend on Christmas Gifts
0.12Acronym Hell - Part 2
0.11Navy Military Spouse Writers Wanted!
0.11Jeremy Hilton: U.S. Military’s First Male Spouse of the Year
0.11Hiring Our Heroes helps military spouses
0.11Totally Fake Reader Mailbag Edition
0.09Teaching Jobs
0.08First National Guard Spouse to Win the 2013 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year Award
0.08Christopher Hillman - Secretary - Macho Spouse Career Advisement Board
0.0730 Ways of Thanks Day #27
0.06How I Had the Best Summer Ever...While My Wife was Deployed
0.06Get in the Game
0.06Being Dad
0.06Macho Spouse Chris Pape on USMC Life Radio
0.05Stephen M. Shepard - Macho Spouse Career Advisement Board
0.05Military Spouse Scholarships
0.04Planning a Career as a Military Spouse? Think Portability!
0.0430 Ways of Thanks
0.04Military Calendar 11 November
0.04Money and Finance Information and Resources
0.04Husbands on the home front UPI Video
0.04Military Spouse Education Assistance Programs
0.04Male Military Spouse Demographics
0.04Acronym Hell - Part 1
0.03Carpe Diem!
0.03New Military Spouse Book Offers Insight From a Few of Us Male Spouses!
0.03Conversations from the Men's Room - What is the Rule of 72?
0.03Man to Man: Bill Keller - Basic Male Military Spouse Advice
0.03Being a Military Spouse When You're a Guy
0.025 Portable Careers for Civilian Male Military Spouses