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Marine Corps Considers Allowing Homesteading - Is the PCS Going Away?

As a military spouse, it's hard for me to miss all of the talk on the news about the Federal Government looking for things to cut from the budget. The buzz around my very small military circle of friends has included mentions of "budget cuts" since the beginning of this year. I can think of many different ways the military can save money and I was happy to see a story about the Marine Corps considering one of my ideas - "homesteading."

Okay, it's not like I sent the General my ideas, but it was cool to see that we were kinda on the same page with this one. In my head, I was like, "You know T (that's me talking to myself), if we could stay at a location for six years instead of three, then we could save so much money! Plus, there would probably be more trucks available to move the other service members."

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