SpouseLink is Linking Military Spouses Around the World

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SpouseLink is Linking Military Spouses Around the World

SpouseLink is Linking Military Spouses Around the World and Macho Spouse is teaming up with them.

SpouseLink™ is a completely free website that supports, informs and inspires Military Spouses with daily trends and important military info. We are an online, interactive community for all U.S. Military Spouses, regardless of branch, location, gender, age or any other status. We encourage you to jump in today to share inspiring thoughts, support one another and to both find and give inspiration to others in the Military Spouse community.

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A resource that is worth checking out is SpouseLink.org. Their media team describes SpouseLink.org as a "free website linking military spouses together through supportive, informative, and inspiring content."

That sounded interesting enough, so we decided to take their website for a little test-drive. What we found is a clean, easy-to-navigate site that's full of solid information that includes posts ranging from spouse careers and financial advice to parenting and Military transitions.

SpouseLink.org is actually a product of AAFMAA (American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association), a non-profit membership association supporting our military community with insurance, financial planning, and survivor assistance for widows and widowers.

Guys, you will notice that their spouse content is a little "feminine heavy." No worries, we're teaming up with them to help share some of our stuff from this website. So, they are well aware that male spouses exist!

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Have You Used This Resource?

If so, how was the experience? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. We need to hear from you!

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