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Male Military Spouse Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio

How many of you guys have had the opportunity to listen to Dave Etter's blog talk radio show?  If you haven't heard the MaleMilitary Spouse Rasio Show yet, well, it's a work in progress and that lack of show polish is just the way he wants it. 

Llisten to Dave Etter's blog talk radio show - Male Military Spouse Radio Show - MMSRS

Dave is retired from the Navy and currently married to an Army medic, he has also volunteered as a Family Readiness Group Leader while stationed at Ft Campbell.  So, to say Dave (aka “Old Fart”) is an opinionated, straight-shooter, who often times fires “from the hip” and checks his facts later, would be an accurate statement. 

I can joke about him because I know he can take it. Hell, many times he insists on it! 

I met Dave for the first time last May at a bar in San Antonio.  It was the perfect setting for the conversation that would launch today's Male Military Spouse Radio Show (MMSRS – don't blame me for another meaningless acronym, Dave picked the title). 

As we sat there drinking some ice-cold brews and sharing stories, Dave mentioned that he used to be on the radio in Arizona.  Yes, he has the gift of gab.  I also knew he had a lot of experience helping military families navigate the often confusing path of DoD support groups and processes. So, starting a blog talk radio show that combines his skills with knowledge was a no brainer. 

I think it was at about the 3rd or 4th beer where we decided this was a good idea.  I believe he still feels the same way since he's been doing his show every Friday (noon CST) since June 2014.  Hell, he even picked up a show sponsor in fellow male military spouse Doug Nordman (author of The Military Guid to Financial Independence and Retirement). 

The show quality continues to improve each week even though the Old Fart sometimes goes down never ending wormholes. But it's a remarkable improvement from the first show.  In fact, if you ever want a good laugh, go back and listen to that first show…classic!

Dave is a good man trying to help the best way he can, by bringing us spouses together and sharing knowledge.  He is rough around the edges and so is his show, which makes every Friday afternoon “must hear” radio. 

Just a friendly heads-up, as soon as Dave learned that he could cuss on Blog Talk Radio, he started dropping the occasional “F bomb” simply because he could.  Hey, what do you expect from an old Navy fart!? 


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