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Journey Tip: Be Flexible

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Be flexible. This journey is like Yoga: flexibility and a willingness to improvise are required to make it through to the end.

Flexibility Is The Key

At USAFA (US Air Force Academy) I learned that flexibility is the key to air power. What I know now is that flexibility is the key to longevity in this journesy as a male military spouse.

Marriage requires flexibility from both partners. Military marriages require flexibility in ways that are specifically challenging. Either way, flexibility is the key to "marriage power."

This Journey Is Like Yoga

No it's not.

I don't practice Yoga, but I respect those who do. Flexibility is the first thing I think of when I think of the practice and Strength is a close second.

This journey as a civilian male military spouse requires flexibility.Yeah, I am repeating myself (with foot stomps).

I heard someone say that, "If you can't be flexible, you will be irritable." I agree, and I have encountered many military spouses who resembled that remark.

If you can't be flexible, you break.

Be a Wind-Swept Tree, My Friend

"Be water" sounds good, too. I see the tree analogy better. Here's what I mean.

Ever see one of those odd-looking, wind-swept trees out in a field, with nothing else around it? I have see some that had such a severe bend that it looked like the wind was still pushing it over.

Other than the odd look of the tree, the fact that the tree still had leaves and was still alive, impressed me.

Still standing, still alive, the wind-swept tree reminds me of a military spouse, flexible and able to grow in extremely testing conditions.

Recognize Strength in Being Flexible

Because of the strength of the roots and its flexibility, the tree was not "swept away."

When I meet a military couple that has completed the military life journey, I recognize and respect the flexibility and strength they demonstrated to make it through to the end.

You can (and should) plan for everything. Just be flexile and willing to bend with the wind.

Bend with the wind, my friend.

Leave A Tip!

What's your best tip for a new civilian male military spouse? Let's chat in the comments!

Grace and Peace!


Taurus M. James Male Military SpouseTaurus James is the 2016 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year from Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  Taurus is a 20-year civilian male military spouse and stay-at-home-dad. He is also a minister and composer of Moody Instrumental Music. Taurus is a professional IT Consultant and Web Developer, and he built and maintains the website for free. Find out more about Taurus through his blog:

"Faithwalk Music: Faith, Music and Life of a Moody Instrumental Musician"

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