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Air Force Male Military Spouse - What Do You Guys Do For Fun?

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As a male military spouse, you gotta have a hobby - something you do that you really enjoy.

Here is what I'm trying to find out.

As a male military spouse, what is your hobby? What do you do for fun?

A Look At Hobbies

Sp we are on the same page, when I mention the word hobby, I am referring to an activity you do regularly for pleasure during leisure time.

As you can tell from the picture, I enjoy fishing. (That's me in Tishamingo, Oklahoma, with a nice bass.)

But making music, video gaming and building websites (like this one!) are also things I enjoy.

Male Military Spouses Need Hobbies

My name is Taurus James and I've been a male military spouse (Air Force) for 20+ years. I'm well aware of the many challenges in this way of life - the military lifestyle. Many of the challenges are serious in nature and I'm glad to connect with others and help them navigate the journey.

I'm no expert. I'm just a fellow journeyman - a civilian male military spouse, taking steps everyday on this journey, with the aim of making it to our destination with my family (and our sanity) in tact.

Male military Spouses need hobbies. While there are many benefits that come with having a hobby, the main thing I am pointing to is how a hobby can help you while you navigate this journey.

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How Hobbies Can Help

The military life is filled with transition. We move everything we are - often far away from everything and everyone we know.

Hobbies can help military spouses transition, especially after PCS moves. Join a local walking/running group in your new location to get to know people and the surroundings. Just a thought.

If you are an introvert like me, you might want to look up your nearest fishing holes on a map and explore your new area on your own, before asking people where the best fishing spots are.

Love working with your hands? Build something for someone else as a way to volunteer and get to know and help other people. A few men did this for me, helped me build a room (and relationships) in my basement. As a VIP (visually impaired person), the relationships mean more than my friends will ever know. Plus, I learned skills I use to help others.

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Fishing Is My Hobby

Fishing is what I do for fun and it is the way I "get clear." I learned real early that having a hobby or activity as a male military spouse is vital. Here is what I mean.

Military life can be very stressful for the service member, the spouse, the kids and pets (if there are any).

Physical activity is very important as a way to manage stress.

Rather than spending hours in the gym, I prefer to throw on some waders and wade a creek or river while fishing for bass!

This is a great way to "get clear" and stay focused, especially when water moccasins and other snakes are out and about!

Fishing For Clarity

I mentioned earlier that fishing helps me "get clear" or get clarity. I prefer solitude to clear my head and nail down what I actually feel.

Yeah, emotional health is a high priority for me because I grew up severely limited. Anger was the only way I knew how to express disappointment, hurt, injustice, etc.

That's bad juju in marriage.

Not trying to be a therapist, just saying. Having a hobby has worked for me for 20+ years.

A word of note: I use my hobbies to get clear for my journey with my wife.

In other words, my hobbies are not ways to "escape", but ways I  get clear to get closer to my spouse.

What do you do for fun?

Do you have a hobby? Leave a comment below or use the contact page and send us some info. If you're near Wright-Patterson AFB, let me know, especially if you like to fish!

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