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Ive always been drawn towards challenges. One day after high school I woke up and decided to look for the biggest challenge I could find. I quit my job and enlisted in the Marine Corps infantry. That night during our family dinner I broke the news like this Mom, I quit my job, joined the Marines, and leave in two weeks. Can you pass the salt?

In hindsight I probably should have softened the blow a bit, but my parents came around after a brief nervous breakdown.

I entered USMC boot camp in the late 90s weighing 115 pounds. This resulted in more than my fair share of quarterdeck time. Fast forward six months (bootcamp + school of infantry) and what seemed like 10 million pushups later, I weighed 165 pounds. The Marine Corps pushed me harder, mentally and physically, during that first six months than I knew I could go. But I liked it. Sure there was a lot of BS but I understood the bigger picture. They were breaking me down to build me up stronger. They were forcing me to rely on others. They were forcing others to rely on me. They were teaching us to rely on each other to move towards common goals.Image of U.S. Marine Corps Eagl</p><p>From: Military Retirement</p><p><a href='http://the-military-guide.com/marine-veteran-entrepreneur/' target='_blank'>Continue reading about Marine to Veteran to Entrepreneur.</a></p></div>
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<p>Find Military Bases with these Military Base Locators. Use these Base Locators to Find Military Installations Around The World.</p></div></div></div><div class='post-box col2 fl'><div class='post-box-wrap'><img src='http://malemilspouse.com/files/pearl-harbor-uss-arizona.jpg' alt='image for National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day' class='post-box-image' /></div><div class='post-box-fade'></div><div class='post-box-detail'><h2 class='post-box-title'><a href='http://malemilspouse.com/page/national-pearl-harbor-remembrance-day/1597/'>National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day</a></h2><div class='post-box-text'><p>Pearl Harbor was bombed December 07 1941</p>
<p>National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is Annually on December 7 Commemorates Attack on Pearl Harbor Hawaii during World War II.</p></div></div></div><div class='post-box col2 fl'><div class='post-box-wrap'><img src='http://malemilspouse.com/files/calendar.jpg' alt='image for Military Calendar 12 December' class='post-box-image' /></div><div class='post-box-fade'></div><div class='post-box-detail'><h2 class='post-box-title'><a href='http://malemilspouse.com/page/military-calendar-12-december/1593/'>Military Calendar 12 December</a></h2><div class='post-box-text'><p>A list of holidays, observances and events recognized throughout the month of December including <span id=federal, non-federal and religious holidays and more.

December Military Calendar of  Holidays, Events, Observances