Are you ready to make your choice about the militarys Blended Retirement System?

Are you a leader who has to advise younger officers and enlisted how to decide between High Three and the BRS?

Are you a veteran like me whos asked the question several times a week by their family (and their readers)?

USAA can help with that.

The Department of Defense is feverishly hustlingbuilding a calculator that will analyze which retirement system is better for servicemember careers and finances. The calculator was supposed to be launched back in January 2017 but its run into delays. (The contractors are fixing the last few bugs.) A few of us bloggers with DoDs BRS roundtable are helping with the beta testing, and its expected to go live at the end of March.

Meanwhile USAAs Military Retirement Comparison Tool is ready now. Its available to anyone through both their website and the USAA app. You dont have to login, and you dont even have to be a USAA member to use the website version.

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