My social media has lit up this year with complaints about vehicle insurance.

It seems as if every military family whos transferred to a new duty station has paid more money to insure the same autos and the same drivers. Even families who havent moved (yet) are unhappy when they renew their policies: more money for the same coverage. Its not just geckos or good hands or eagles or good neighbors or mouthy mascots. Insurance seems to cost more no matter whos selling it.

The trend is clear: everyones auto insurance premiums are rising across the industry. Many insurers are paying out more than theyre earning. Theyre all trying to cut costs, but were going to see rising rates for a few more years.

You could shop around for the cheapest deals (again!), but this time its not going to be easy or happy. There are a few tactics you can apply to your insurance choices, and well talk about those after diving into the problems.

First, let me establish some credibility. Im not just re-writing press releases here, and this discussion came from months of patient pers

From: Military Retirement

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