[Nords note: Im on Mainland travel through mid-July: Seattle, Norfolk, and Ocean City. Ill update this post as DoD rolls out the changes.]

[Ah, good, the DoD BRS calculator has been officially released.]


A reader asks an outstanding question:

Does it make sense to opt in to the militarys new Blended Retirement System in 2018?

One of our NCOs has a pessimistic view of the BRS, especially since theyre over 12 years of service and dont see how the BRS will benefit them. In fact, they dont see how it will benefit any servicemembers. I think the best way to decide whether theres a benefit or not is to actually show them numbers, via the calculator.


Image of three servicemembers. Two of them joined the military before 2018. One of those has more than 12 years of service and is not eligible for the Blended Retirement System. One of them has less than 12 years and has a choice of the old High Three or new Blended Retirement System. The third joins in 2018 and is only eligible for the new BRS system. | The-Military-Guide.comfederal, non-federal and religious holidays and more.

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