Male Spouse 101

Male Spouse 101

Everything you should know about military life as a male military spouse.
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Male Spouse 101

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Macho Spouse was created by Male Military Spouses for Male Military Spouses. We have male spouse contributors from diverse backgrounds contributing Blog posts with valuable information on various topics.

Check out the blog posts and feel free to join Macho Spouse as a contributing blogger. Whether you make a one time blog post or decide to contribute regularly, we welcome your contribution and appreciate your help.

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Military Spouse Education Benefits, Military Spouse and Family Educational Assistance, Schools, Certifications 

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Military Spouse Employment, Assistance, Partnerships, Jobs 

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Financial Help for Military Spouses, Money Management Assistance, Resources and Information

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Men's Health 

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Military Life

Military Life

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Military Marriages

At Macho Spouse, we believe Healthy Military Marriages positively impact the readiness of the active duty female spouse. If you're asking, "How do I avoid becoming a military divorce statistic?" - find some answers here and get some tips on how to develop a healthy military marriage.

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PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Macho Spouse - Male Military Spouses on Facebook

Macho Spouse on Facebook

Macho Spouse is an educational video series and online resource for male military spouses. The Macho Spouse mission is to help male military spouses connect with one another and assure that we are not alone in this military family lifestyle.

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Air Force Spouse Support at

Did You Know?US Air ForceDid you know that the USAF Services website has a section devoted to spouses?

The Spouse Support portion of the site is designed to provide Air Force spouses information on resources to help them adapt to Air Force Life. The site also has forums are available to registered users that are designed to allow for peer support to provide real perspectives on life in the Air Force.

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