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TroopSwap and Troop ID Deals and Discounts for Military and Veteran Communities


What is TroopSwap?

TroopSwap offers flash sales and discounts exclusively for the military community as well as a list of Troop ID partners. Check out TroopSwap to find more brands who want to serve the military but who have not yet integrated Troop ID technology. Past offers have included flash sales from LEGO,, Zappos, and more great retailers. Movie tickets are permanently discounted and offered everyday through

What is Troop ID?

Troop ID is the first digital ID card for the military and veteran community. A Troop ID consists of the unique e-mail and password combination that you chose while registering. Once you verify your military affiliation, you can use your unique e-mail and password logon to access exclusive benefits at any participating Troop ID site. Troop ID is a free service for our members.

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