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MilitaryOneClick resource for military families

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MilitaryOneClick is the premier virtual resource for military families and the community that supports the military.

We maintain hundreds of military and non-military resources in one user-friendly directory were visitors can find links to career tools, hiring fairs, educational scholarships, PTSD help, health insurance, buying or renting a home, financial assistance, and more!

Also find us on Twitter (@military1click) and Facebook.


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Military One Click is your home base for the best Opportunities, News and Entertainment for Military Families and the Community.
Militaryoneclick takes the search OUT of searching and provide a free ONE stop shop for all your military and community resource links. They will continually update their website with YOUR favorite links and invite you to contact them at
The website is a virtual Military Link Library and is created for family and friends of military members.

See for more!

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