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Male Military Spouse Radio Show - Where Do We Guys Get WORK?

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MMSRS - Male Military Husbands - our wives get transfered all the time, sometimes every year. Where do we find meaningful employement that can follow her where she goes?

Host Dave "Old Fart" Etter fields calls from other male spouses on how to build a better resume, the value of volunteering, and other job hunting tips.

Discussion needs to go on further, so, we will continue the discussion next week. Starting next week MMSRS will be weekly at noon CDT Fridays.

Male Military Spouse Radio Show - MMSRS

Host Dave Etter moderates this open forum 120 minute weekly call-in web-radio show for Male Military Spouses, and anything goes!

Military spouses - you have an issue? Let us explore it and have fun!

Rated "R" when broadcast, downgraded if we play nice. If needed, a "scrubbed" radio-edit version that is family friendly will be created and two versions of a show may be present.

Tips from the Show

How toBuild a Better Resume

The Value of Volunteering

Job Hunting Tips

How to Run a Radio Show Using a Tablet 

Listen to the Show

Male Military Spouse Radio Show - MMRS on Blog Talk Radio

MMSRS - Where do we guys get WORK?

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