Male Military Spouse Myths

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Male Military Spouse Myths

Male Military Spouse Myths, Tips and Tricks from Gregory App

by Gregory App

Gregory App, navy veteran and current military spouse, gives us a few myths about  male military spouses along with  some useful tips and tricks.

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Adjusting to life as a civilian male military spouse has many challenges that many men overcome daily. Along with the challenges, there are many myths about the military male spouse encountered  in the journey.

From the article

"Civilian males married to service members exist, but are a minority. Depending on the size of a command there may only be one or two male spouses in total. Therefore, it can be challenging for men to find connections in military circles. Here are some myths debunked to help the men out there adjust to life as a spouse."

Be sure to read the full article and take the advice at the end.


Military Male Spouse Myths, Tips and Tricks


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