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What does the name Macho Spouse mean?

As our organization continues to grow and gains more attention from new people, I've learned that there is some confustion about our name.  

In fact, I have been asked multiple times if our name, “Macho Spouse,” represented a sexist, homophobic point of view.

My response to those questions is a simple, no.  

My initial response to some reactions to the name

Actually, the initial response is laughter and surprise with a slight dash of sorrow.  

This perception is mostly my fault for not spending enough time explaining the meaning behind our name as we grow, leaving others to define “Macho Spouse” for us.  

Why I chose the name Macho Spouse

I chose our name after careful thought, consideration, and research.  I wanted a name that could illustrate our lifestyle while making people smile.

I mean, if we can't have a laugh at some of the gender-reversed situations we find ourselves in, then we're taking life too seriously.

Who the Macho Spouse name represents

Macho Spouse represents a male spouse who has enough self-confidence in his masculinity to cook dinner, clean the house, wash the laundry, and take care of his children while his wife is away in combat.  

We don't care what your race, religion, sex, or sexual preference is, if you're a military spouse who lives with honor and commitment to your family, you're a Macho Spouse and are always welcome here.

Thanks for your support

I appreciate your time and support. Please help us by joining our conversation...or buying a shirt!  

I hope this helps better explain who we are and what our name symbolizes.

Now I must run along and kick something because I just learned my wife is deploying again.


Chris Pape

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