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5 Reasons To Join The Fight With MOAA Against COLA Cuts

Guys, this effects you directly.  

If you're a little unsure of just exactly what's happening and what this is all about, please visit this cool new page from MOAA (Military Officers Association of America). 

What is COLA?

Fisrt, we are NOT talking about a brown carbonated drink that is flavored with an extract of cola nuts, or with a similar flavoring. And we are NOT fighting against having pop in schools.

COLA is the Cost of Living Allowance and it is a benefit that applies to servicemembers and retirees.

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Who is MOAA?

The Military Officers Association of America

What does MOAA do?

They do a great job of laying out the issue, why we should care, and they also make it very simple to help the cause of defending your benefits.

Why is this important?

Today's "small cuts" to our retirement COLA will effect every one of your families in the future.  

But what's most important is that these cuts represent a breach of contract, a breach of faith, and a broken promise our government made to each and everyone of our families.

On their website, MOAA give 5 Reasons to join the COLA fight.

Where can I find more on the COLA fight?

Please don't just do nothing, help the cause and join the fight.

More on MOAA

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