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Cultural awareness of the male military spouse lifestyle is missing from traditional military spouse support programs. We aspire to educate and encourage synergy between career-minded male military spouses and future employers.

Please contact Macho Spouse with any questions, tips, or comments. Up-to-date male spouse career information will be posted on a regular basis.

Chris Pape - Senior Advisor Chris Hillman - Secretary Glen Mixon Patrick Donaldson Stephen Shephard

Macho Spouse and Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) have joined forces to help male military spouses find (and keep) meaningful, male-specific employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

A volunteer team of dedicated and focused male military spouses representing all ranks and services from across the country has already begun to work. This page will be dedicated to posting all results and information from the group; as well as, biographies and contact information of the team members.

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image for Does anyone have a Military Marriage Map that I can borrow?

Does anyone have a Military Marriage Map that I can borrow?

Hey! Does anyone have a marriage map that I can borrow? Better yet, does anyone have a military marriage map that I can borrow? (I could sure use a military marriage compass, too, if you have one. But I don't want to press my luck by asking for too much at once. So, I'll wait on the compass.)

I tried "googling" (yeah, that's a word) "marriage map" but Google kept giving me links to "wedding map" instead. Thanks Google, but I don't want to know how to get to Don and Susan's wedding! I want a map that I can use to help my wife and I get to that Happy Marriage Wonderland place that I have been hearing about since we got married!


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