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Length of service as Navy spouse (Civilian)


Never been in the military.  Civilian through the whole 20 years.  Quantico, Moffat, Spokane, Long Beach, Kings Bay.  It was tough being on a Marine base (Quantico) 1974 through 1979 and married to a Corpsman. Got harrassed every time I went through the gate to get on base. Worked at the Staff NCO Club.  SSgt D. hated my guts and the rest of me too.  But couldn't do anything because I did my job well.  In those days there was not a term for people in my category.  Today it's Dependent that day it was, "uh, oh, hmmm"    

My wife went on deployment so I thought I'd join the wives club.  This was 1979...bad move....left after the first meeting.  Never did that again.  Could be different today.

Written 5 years and 5 months ago by Michael | new member



Hey Michael, when did your wife retire?  I believe things have changed a bit since '79, but guys still feel unwelcome at spouse club events/functions.  We, at least I, don't necessarily feel any outright discrimination for being a male spouse, but I know others have.  Maybe it's because we have always lived off base, not sure.

Written 5 years and 5 months ago by Chris | new member | website


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