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Real Food for Real Men

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Wings.jpgFellow male miltary spouse, Billy McFarland, started a new Facebook page about healthy eating and healthy living for men.  According to Billy, he started this while stuck at home during his wife's time in the field, deployments and training.  He plans to cover everything from what to eat and how to cook.

A note from Billy:

So why do I care? Many people close to me know that I have lost a lot of weight in the last 3 years. I have more energy than I did at 18 and more importantly, I can keep up with my kids. 

I started exercising back in August of 2011 after realizing that I was spending almost every spare moment of my day sitting on the couch, watching TV and snacking on chips or candy. My total cholesterol was over 400. I could not walk up a flight of stairs without feeling like I was dying. In fact, I was dying, quickly.

So after the exercise started, I lost about 30 lbs than hit a plateau. On top of my weight loss stopping, I injured my knee and had to stop running. I moved my exercise to a gym setting and lost another 10-15 lbs, but quickly hit another plateau and began to lose motivation.

Around January or February of 2013 a friend introduced me to a Facebook page called "Just East Real Food" and something called the Paleo Lifestyle. I was frustrated with the fact that I was no longer losing weight and my injuries were preventing me from exercising very much (not that it was helping), so I decided to try it. 

I began experimenting with many new foods and getting rid of all processed foods in my diet. I stopped drinking all sodas, sports drinks or sugar loaded drinks. My appetite actually decreased and my energy level increased. It seemed to be working. Several months went by where I did NO exercise. On a trip to the doc with one of my kids, I decided to step on the scale. I had somehow lost another 10-15lbs without doing anything besides eating. No portion control. No calorie counting. No shakes. No pills. All I did was eat tons of delicious food.

In a nutshell, that is the goal of this page. I'd love to teach men to live healthy lifestyles by just eating real healthy (but tasty) food.

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30 Ways of Thanks Day #18

30Still.jpgKate Pennington of Blue Star Families shares another way to show your support for military families during November.  Nominate a special someone in your community who has helped military families during a time of need for the Blue Star Neighbor Award!  Click here for more information.

November is Military Families Appreciation Month, and the 2014 Armed Forces Insurance Branch Spouses of the Year (Branch SOYs) want to help everyone, everywhere participate in thanking and honoring military families.

Americans love our military, but many people don't quite know how best to express their gratitude. As National Guard Spouse of the Year Dr. Ingrid Herrera-Yee notes, “saying "thanks" to our military families is something that many want to do, but are at a loss as to how to do it –or in the case of Guard and Reserve, how to find us!”

So the Branch SOYs created #30Ways of Thanks to help. Each day in November, the Branch SOYs will release a video with an action item that people around the country can participate in virtually or locally, individually or in groups. Participants can hash tag #30Ways so that their messages, photos, or videos are spread far and wide. Hash tags #GratefulNation and #MilFamsRock can also be added as a short-hand way to say “You are amazing, military families!” Best of all, the entire #30Ways video collection will be stored on the Branch SOYs' YouTube channel so that it can be repeated in Novembers to come, or whenever someone is looking for a way to say “thank you” to military families.

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Video - Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) - Career Help Part 1

This is an oldie, but a goodie video highlighting the impressive work being done at MSCCN (Military Spouse Corporate Career Network) and CASY (Corporate America Supports You).  It's a little long, but we think this is a must-see video for any male military spouse in need of career support. Deb Kloeppel, CEO MSCCN, explains why her organization is male military spouse friendly and offers an opportunity for us guys to create and sit on male spouse specific career advisrory committee at MSCCN.

Interview from: Cory Livingston, Foday Kanu, Jason Bergman, Jeremy Hilton, Chris Pape, and Deb Kloeppel



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