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Joint base Pearl Harbor Hickam AFB

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Hello, we have just been stationed here on Hawaii and let me tell you, it is beautiful here, however with a 6 year old and 2 year old the beauty can really be lost through all of the frustration and exhaustion.


First let me say that my name is Jasper Williams. Being a Military spouse is not new to me because I have been with my wife since before she enlisted almost 11 years ago, so I am used to it, however I have always been a working man and we have usually gotten daycare for the children so I was never home as much as I am now.

Since we got the orders I have had to leave my Job with the state of Texas, where I worked as a Child Protective Services investigator. I really enjoyed my job, not because the work was enjoyable, but because I was making a difference in children's lives.

I believe that my experience working with children has given me the patience needed to deal with my two boys but, I miss having male friends to interact with and watch the games sometimes. If there is anyone in my area please let me know...I am a fun big black guy who enjoys a good time.

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Welcome, Jasper! Check our community map, if you haven't already. Last time I checked, we had three guys on the island. Of course, that may have changed.

You can make a difference here, too. You probably have your hands fullat the moment, but we could use your perspective. Your experience as a CPS investigator is valuable in helping us identify issues BEFORE they become tragic. We'll gladly accept what you are able to share.

You can reach me here or on

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