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Almost military Spouse

What's up fellas. Been dating my girlfriend for 7 months and she just graduated BMT. We met during her process of joining the air force so it was no suprise for me. We both know we want to be together and plan on a long life together. Crazy I know after only 7 months. But when you know you just know. Anyways ive been in forums on other sites and ive repeatedly been told to look for another gf. As the DoD says we only have a ten percent chance of staying together. How do I go about assuring a lasting relationship with the girl of my dreams who also happens to be in the air force?

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Believe it or not I am in the same boat as you. Met my fiancé around 9 months ago and immediately I knew she was the one. She commissioned into the Army Nurse Corps as a 2LT in December and is now awaiting orders for BOLC. While I may not have the experience yet to really offer a concrete answer I can say that if you both are really serious about staying together trust and compromise will go a long way. I have been lucky by having some of my fiancé's superiors from her time in ROTC to help give advice and would say if you can definitely ask for advice from those who have been there, it has already helped me tremendously. Also I learned very fast to be humble and not let my own ego get in the way of being able to help support my future wife. I'm still learning about what is out there for us, and am open to anyone else who has any advice. Hope maybe I helped a little and I wish you both the best of luck with everything! 

Written 3 years and 1 month ago by Matt | new member

Thanks man! Glad to know someone else is in the same boat as me. Are you in the service too or civilian like me?

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I'm a civilian also...didn't join due to an athletic scholarship for baseball and ruined my both my knees. 

Written 3 years and 1 month ago by Matt | new member

Matt hit the nail on the head. Humility is a major key to a long lasting relationship, especially as a civilian male military spouse. One way I counter my ego is to compete against myself by trying to serve my wife better than I did the day before. May sound corny, cheesy or whatever, but my life now is a WHOLE lot better now than when we started.

I know you guys are just starting out, but decide how you want your marriage to look like and work like now. Make it work for you. You kinda have to develop a mindset of "This is how WE do OUR marriage." - and keep moving forward.

My wife is Air Force. Married 19 years. Been together 24. 

Written 3 years and 12 days ago by Taurus | new member | website


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