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Boot - Wife just got in the Navy


This was accidently written under the "Posts" section of our site and not here in the Forums.  Please help this guy out when you have some time.


I am in the Army reserves so to a point I understand things but I have never been active duty or in the navy. So I am just wanting to get some advice on what to expect. She leaves in March so it would be great to get some information or just encouraging messages.

Written 5 years and 6 months ago by Chris | new member | website



Is she going in Enlisted or Officer? 

What I can tell you is that my wife was very nervous and a little scared going to ODS. She had really never been away from home and family for a long period of time before so this was new. What I can tell you that she will need is support. Send her letters, a care package if you can and also either Skype or FaceTime if possible. Tell her what you are doing at home to get her mind off of training. Send her pictures. I didn't get to talk to my wife for a week and when I did, she was in tears but, as the days and weeks (5) went on she got better and soon it was time for graduation. 

One key thing you can do is just listen. There will be a lot of verbal "vomiting" as we call it. Remember, you are her rock and you need to show her that you are there to support her and for her to lean on. Reassure her that you are with her every step of the way and you are there for her on this journey.

Oh and when you go pick her up, take her favorite clothes and shoes to lounge in (because she WILL change ASAP) and some good REAL food! 

Hope that helps.

Written 5 years and 6 months ago by Sean | new member

She is enlisted. I'm not sure how often I will get to talk to her while she is at boot camp.

Written 5 years and 6 months ago by Chad | new member

Hi Chad! Welcome to the MachoSpouse community.

You may find the time apart to be difficult, especially if you are used to being with your wife and doing things together. Don't know if you two are just starting out as a married couple, but it can be tough to just get married and then not see your wife for months. Communication is the key. While you may not be able to talk everyday, you can write her everyday.

While your wife is away at bootcamp, take the time to write her about anything - stuff you encounter during the day. Just think about the feeling of getting mail during mail call while in bootcamp. It can change her day for the better to get something uplifting and funny from you. The main point is, take the time to write her. A hand written letter, note or card still speaks volumes more than the words written, because of the time and care that goes into choosing each word to write. It says, "I have not forgotten you."

Written 5 years and 5 months ago by Taurus | new member | website


Thank you that is good advice. I do remember while I was in basic how nice it was to get letters from my family and friends. We did just recently get married this past April so our one year will be while she is at boot, guess it is a good thing that it is the paper anniversary lol.

Written 5 years and 5 months ago by Chad | new member


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