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i need some advice/ help please


  Hello, My Fiance left to Lackland for Basic training today. And i have never had to go any long stretch of time without having communication available to us both. So i have no idea how to really keep in touch with her, and i was hoping someone with more experience could help? i have already wrote her a letter and i plan to write more everyday to her,( 1 letter a day) but i would love to hear any more methods that are tried and true. also, if anyone could better explain when me and my Fiance can finally get married, that will be greattly appreciated. thank you

Written 4 years and 2 months ago by Cordero | new member



Keep writing letters! They are the best during this time. Basic training is setup to remove the trainee from the rest of the world, so you probably won't be able to communicate much in other ways. She might be able to call you later in the training. Keep writing letters. They last longer and are more valuable IMO. You might not hear from her much, but your letters should get to her.


Written 4 years and 18 days ago by Taurus | new member | website


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