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Time to pick a new PCS dream sheet...


Which time zone do you prefer? I think Central Time is the best because football starts at 11:00 on Saturdays/12:00 on Sundays. What say you?

Written 6 years and 4 months ago by Taurus | new member | website



Well I grew up on the East Coast so I dig that all day every day but with the new military/spouse experience I can say Hawaiian Time is a real butt kicker.  West Coast time is alright a lot better than living in Hawaii but the weather there makes up for it lol. So going off of military/spouse experience I would say I like West Coast time to honest (Pacific Time)

Written 6 years and 3 months ago by Andrew | new member

I grew up in the East, then spent the next 10 years of my adult life in California and now with 3 more in the East.  Sports wise for me the best was the west coast without a doubt.  I am a big college football guy, so I loved waking up and getting to watch football at 9 am and go all day.  This East coast time has been hard to follow everything.  My wife is a graduate of Arizona State and follows them but since we moved here they don't start until 10pm which is about 2 hours past her bedtime haha.  This June we are moving to Hawaii which is going to totally ruin everything fan wise but I will be up at 6 am watching on Saturdays and she will get to watch her team earlier in the day!

Written 6 years and 1 month ago by Brandon | new member

It looks like it's back to Central Time Zone for me!  Dana and I are moving to San Antonio this June...bring on the heat!

Written 6 years and 1 month ago by Chris | new member | website


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